12 Fun Facts about Sea Moss AKA Seaweeds

 Fun Facts about Sea Moss

  1. Sea Weeds are Not Plants

Seaweeds are not plants - they are a type of algae without   roots, leaves, or stems to transport water or nutrients. Instead, each cell derives what it needs directly from the seawater around it. The only similarity between seaweed and land plants is that both rely on sunlight to create energy through photosynthesis.

  1. Ancient Greeks Used It for Healing Purposes

Long before we were putting seaweed in our skincare lines, the Ancient Greeks were using it in their heated baths to draw out toxins from the body and rejuvenate their skin. This was known as Thalassotherapy (Thalasso is Greek for ‘sea’) and the Greeks believed it could restore good health and cure illness.

  1. 70% of the worlds Oxygen

Its estimated that 70% of the world’s oxygen comes from seaweeds and algae. And Seaweed is one of the biggest carbons sequesters on our planet. Scientists believe Seaweed can be a big part of the climate change solution.

  1. There Are Over 12,000 Species of Seaweeds

Seaweed is a common name for thousands of marine plants and algae. Although it lacks a formal term, many group seaweed into three categories: red, green, and brown algae. To date, scientists have discovered over 12,000 species of seaweed, many of which have valuable uses.

  1. Asia consumes 2million tons of seaweed every year

Wakame, Kombu and Nori are all well-known seaweeds used as ingredients in Asian dishes. In fact Asia consumes around 2 million tonnes of seaweed every year.

  1. Seaweeds outnumber plants in quatity

It is estimated that there are 9 times more seaweeds than there are plants on the land. But we only use three one hundredths of one percent of its total biomass.

  1. Seaweeds have tiny flippers and swim

Some seaweeds reproduce by producing spores that actually have tiny “flippers” and swim away from the parent.

  1. Seaweeds are very versatile.

Carrageenan, agar and alginates are gels derived from seaweed. Chances are you use these products every day. They are widely used in dairy products and desserts, toothpaste, air freshener gels, processed meats and pet food. Amazingly they are also used to produce fire-proof clothing for firemen and also the flux in welding rods.

  1. Long history of skin therapy

For centuries people have been taking seaweed baths for their health-giving properties. The practice became particularly popular in Western Ireland where there are still many Seaweed Bath Houses and Spas. To have your own seaweed bath simply buy a sachet – we like Australian Seaweed Bath at Emerald.

  1. Known to increase Men’s libido.

Dr. Sebi performed amazing physical feats well into advanced age. He claimed that by consuming sea moss every morning, his joints were protected, his energy level was elevated, and his libido was stronger than ever. Dr Sebi calls Sea Moss his Viagra of de sea

  1. Sea Weed Color

In order to perform photosynthesis, seaweed grows in shallow waters rather than deep ones, and contains antioxidant pigments which give them their green, brown or reddish colour.

  1. It Tastes Like Bacon!

Researchers at Oregon State University grew a strain of seaweed that tastes like bacon when it’s fried. Not only does it taste delicious, but this patented strain of seaweed has twice the nutritional value of kale. The discovery, made in 2015, has opened doors in the vegan and vegetarian market. This seaweed bacon is not just vegan-friendly, but also gluten-free, low carbohydrate, organic, and sustainable. We now have a delicious and healthy alternative to bacon, all thanks to seaweed!

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