Dawn Dickson Reviews Zanzibar Seamoss And More

Zanzibar Raw Plant Collection

Our Zanzibar Seamoss is wildcrafted in the Oceans of Zanzibar where it's clear blue 🌊 and the temperature is always 75-80 degrees🌞 That makes this seamoss pure and active. This is Wildcrafted Seamoss from AFRICA.

Zanzibar Seamoss Plants

NBA Superstar

Trevor Booker

Raw Seamoss Plant

Highest Paid Female Football Player

Santia Deck

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Zanzibar Seamoss Powder

Zanzibar Capsule Collection

We would like to introduce everyone to our Zanzibar Powder Capsule Collection. 🌱⁣All of the organic powder in our capsules are sourced directly from Africa placed in Plant-based Capsules. 🌱♥

Capsule Trio


WNBA Champion

Mistie Bass

Capsule Trio Pack
Zanzibar Seamoss Gel

Zanzibar Seamoss Gel Collection

Our seamoss gel is all natural. Created from seamoss that was imported from Africa. Blessed with vital minerals and antioxidants for your body and gives your body what it needs to thrive. Learn more and pass the information on to people you love. Remember Health is the new Wealth 💚🌱

Sabrina Greenlee

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