Why Choose Zanzibar Seamoss ?

Are you always tired ? Do you have anxiety ? Are you in pain ? Yes we've been there. You're just lacking minerals. Don't look for minerals in your local supermarket. Zanzibar Seamoss And More has your back with 100% Organic Plants packed with all the minerals your body needs. We supply and import only the purest plants from Africa. We get this Superfood right to your doorstep ! Instructions included ! Let's Get Healing !

Fun Fact

Our Bodies Can't Store Minerals

Zanzibar Seamoss Plants

Zanzibar Capsule Collection

Each pack is a superfood in a capsule. Zanzibar Powder Capsule Collection has organic powder sourced directly from Africa. A supermarket is not where you should be buying your minerals 🌱 Get your minerals from the earth and the ocean through Zanzibar Seamoss And More 💚

Zanzibar Seamoss Powder

Here Are Some Testimonials From Professional Athletes

moringa blackseed seamoss capsule pack for healing and health

WNBA Champion Mistie Bass

Mistie Bass won a WNBA championship in the 2014 season with the Phoenix Mercury. Now she works directly with nike and has a wonderful family. When she wants the very best in seamoss and more, she chooses Zanzibar Seamoss And More..

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WFLA Highest Paid Player Santia Deck

Santia Deck is the Highest Paid Female American Football Player in the Women's Football League Association after signing a deal with a new team the Los Angeles Fames in 2020. Santia also made history being the first woman to own her own shoe company. Santia loves seamoss. She was looking for rare seamoss when she found Zanzibar Seamoss And More..

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NBA Star Trevor Booker

Trevor Booker is an American former professional basketball player who played 8 seasons in the NBA and now a partner at JBFitzgerald Venture Capital. When Trevor is looking for 100% organic Seamoss, Trevor chooses Zanzibar Seamoss And More

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Dawn Dickson Reviews Zanzibar Seamoss And More Products

Sabrina Greenlee

Heal With Us

Zanzibar Seamoss Gel Collection

Our seamoss gel is all natural. Created from seamoss that was imported from Africa. Blessed with vital minerals and antioxidants for your body and gives your body what it needs to thrive. Learn more and pass the information on to people you love. Remember Health is the new Wealth 💚🌱



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