Zanzibar Wildcrafted Seamoss is harvested by hand from the pristine coral reefs of Zanzibar. Our company is focused on producing high quality plant based products at competitive prices, to fulfill the needs and demands of a niche market in the natural foods industry.

We take pride in our health conscious product and will continue to provide the healthiest products on the market. We promise to do so by sourcing from one of the most untouched, beautiful locations on earth – Zanzibar. We're on a mission to bring the best nourishing superfoods directly from Africa to provide people all over the world organic plants that are packed with masses of nutrition and health benefits.

 We believe in 100% transparency, high quality products and accessibility for everyone and we strive to provide the best health products you will find on the Market today. We are working to bring the world better health products with superior, high quality products that are also affordable. Connecting people to nature, for the health of our minds, bodies and souls.