Zanzibar Raw Green Seamoss Plant
Zanzibar Raw Green Seamoss Plant
Zanzibar Raw Green Seamoss Plant
Zanzibar Raw Green Seamoss Plant

Zanzibar Raw Green Seamoss Plant

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Soak Your Sea Moss

Take your Zanzibar Seamoss out of the package and place it directly in a bowl and fill it with Sping Water until the seamoss is completely submerged in water Allow your Zanzibar Seamoss to soak for 6-12 hours or overnight while you sleep

  • SeaMoss absorbs water. It will GROW as big as it's environment. The more water its in the more it will grow. We suggest a 1-5 gallon container for your seamoss to soak in

Clean Sea Moss

Once your Zanzibar Seamoss has expanded, any debris you see on your seamoss can be quickly cleaned off. Scrub your seamoss with both hands while it's under water. Please discard any small pieces that do not come off after scrubbing, Now you're ready to rock

  • Remember natural sea salt that may remain on the seamoss has 60+ minerals so one pre-soak is more than suitable enough to move on to the next step

Make Sea Moss Gel

For every 2oz of Raw Zanzibar Seamoss, we suggest you add 4 cups of Fresh Spring Water to a cast iron or metal pot. Start heating your water. Once your water comes to a boil you are ready to add your Zanzibar Seamoss to the pot Boil your seamoss on medium high for 15-20 mins. Once complete now the contents can be added to the blender. Blend and pour contents into a sealed mason jar and refrigerate. You have just created Zanzibar Seamoss Gel. Now you're ready to roll

  • You can also skip cooking your seamoss. After soaking and cleaning, you can add your seamoss right into the blender. Blend, Jar, and refrigerate as normal. Life span is extended.

Store Sea Moss Gel

Anything you cook will have a shelf life so the seamoss you bolled will last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator and 2-3 months in the freezer. You can also pour seamoss gel into a ice cube tray and create seamoss ice cube portions for convenience

Use Sea Moss Gel

It is ideal to take 1-2 tbsp a day. Take more as needed. Enjoy it in your favorite smoothie, soup, juice, tea, or food. It can also be eaten right out of the jar. That gives your body the ability to consume 90+ minerals all at once. Enjoy! Being Wealthy is Being Healthy !.