Seamoss & Bladderwrack Gel ( 8oz )

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Our Purple and Gold Seamoss and Bladderwrack is made Fresh to Order. The Raw Seamoss Plant used to make this Gel derives from the coastline of Africa. This specific Wildcrafted Seamoss is grown in the blue waters on the island of Zanzibar. This job is done by the women in zanzibar. This amazing seamoss grows in temperatures of 75-80 degrees year round. This ideal temperature keeps this bueatiful seaweed growing undisturbed. With 92 minerals vital to the human body. This seamoss is quite amazingly adding health benefits to the human body with only a tbsp portion a day. Our bladderwrack plant comes straight out the rich oceans of Zanibar, Africa. Bladderwrack is a rich and dependable source of over 60 trace minerals, 21 amino acids, and 12 vitamins including Iodine and Potassium. With high iodine content, this mineral is necessary for thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism. These foods are considered nutrient-rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients such as lycopenes and carotenes. Most are considered to be “whole foods” in that they are complete foods and can be consumed daily. Every order placed is back with a promise that every product on hand, is 100% Natural and Ocean Wildcrafted to outperform any other competitor and over exceed any expectation. This is from the ocean, to me, to you. Please Refrigerate Gel as soon as it's recieved. 2-3 week life span in the refrigerator and almost a year if kept in the freezer. Purchase with confidence. Only Ingredients are Spring Water, Zanzibar Purple & Gold Seamoss, and Zanzibar Bladderwrack. 1-2 tbsps a day or as needed. Lets begin to heal naturally. Every order placed is back with a promise that every product on hand is 100% Natural. We are set to outperform any other competitor and over exceed every expectation. This is the very best in organic Natural Healing from Africa. From the Mineral Rich Oceans of Zanzibar, to Us, to You ! Enjoy!

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