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When searching online for Seamoss, you should know, not all Seamoss is created equal. 50% of Seamoss sold online is sourced from one of the Islands like St Lucia, St Thomas, Jamaica etc. Its the standard. 25% of Seamoss comes from everywhere else in the world, and 20% of Seamoss online is FAKE or Modified to yield more money. Then you have seamoss from Zanzibar Seamoss and More, We are in the Top 5% of Seamoss sellers in the world that imports Seamoss from Zanzibar in Africa. The amazing ocean near the island of Zanzibar where our Seamoss comes from is packed with Minerals and properties that our Bodies Need Daily 🌱

Zanzibar Capsule Collection

We would like to introduce everyone to our Zanzibar Powder Capsule Collection. All of the organic powder in our capsules are sourced directly from Africa placed in plant-based capsules. We are supplying everyone with a superfood in a capsule. Long gone are the days you get your medicine from the same place you get your steak. A supermarket is not where you should be buying your minerals 🌱 Get your minerals the way it was intended from the earth and the ocean through Zanzibar Seamoss And More 💚

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Our Bodies Can't Store Minerals


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Our seamoss gel is all natural. Created from seamoss that was imported from Africa. Blessed with vital minerals and antioxidants for your body and gives your body what it needs to thrive. Learn more and pass the information on to people you love. Remember Health is the new Wealth 💚🌱

Zanzibar Seamoss Gel

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